I recently had a shoot with a friend of mine who I have known since elementary school. I remember we used to ride the bus all the way to Concord from the city, and Brandi would be singing the whole way. I always used to think she would be a singer. She was a grade ahead of me always, but we were the same age. She had a certain swag to her, a uniqueness that screamed success. That's how I remembered her anyway. When we met up for the shoot I was blown away by her poise and serious attention to her craft. It was so nice catching up! I wore a few pieces from her portfolio and we had a small shoot in her room. I had a ball!! Here are some of the photos we took. 

Also! I encourage you to take a look at her portfolio & blog at this link! She straight killed that shizzy :) 




The Beautiful Bostonian

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