All You Need Is $2.00 And A Pair Of Blue Jeans


Summer is officially here! It slapped me in the face just like it does every year. One day I'm outside in leggings, doc martens, and an oversized hoodie. Then the next I can barely slide on clothing because my skin is drenched in sweat. Thank god I did some summer shopping the other day or else I would not have known what to wear for the last few days. Realistically I wear the same thing over and over if it is comfortable, so I tried a new approach for my shopping technique. I bought what I ACTUALLY wear everyday, and items that I opt for when every other option sucks. That is how you save.  

Initially I stopped in H&M and felt that everything was slightly overpriced and all over the place. I'm simple and love a simple tee to throw on with shorts. H&M just didn't do it for me that day. Forever 21 was next and that is where I found the gems. Sticking just to the basics I grabbed 6 tanks from their basics section, each $1.90. I was totally satisfied. I could think of a plethora of outfits that I could make for an entire week surrounding a tank top. 

Moral of my shopping story, it's not what you wear it's how you wear it. My date night outfit consisted of a $1.90 tank top and old shoes and jeans. 


TANK  - Forever 21 

GREY ZIP UP - Brandy Melville 

JEANS  - Nordstrom BP

SANDALS - Buffalo Exchange (Thrift) 


The Beautiful Bostonian


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