I downloaded this app the other day for giggles. I had seen it over and over online being reviewed by all my blogging gals. I figured why not see what it was all about.

I am pumped about this app right now. I assume that it is because I have an acute case of OCD and organizing things that weren't already organized gets me excited. I also love the idea of having a way to document the clothes that I buy, so I actually know what I should have in my closet. I cannot tell you how many pieces of clothing I have lost over the years, just by me giving them away or leaving them somewhere. Its crazy really, when you think about it. Because every piece of clothing required a certain amount of money to obtain. That idea is just appalling. Imagine how much money was wasted on clothing...

When I had this realization I was taken back. Stylebook is the answer for all of these problems. Now that I have finally gotten the majority of my clothing uploaded, it is so nice to be able to flip through photos of what you have. It is a great shopping companion, a great was to plan outfits, and a great way to pack for trips while on the go.

I think it is imperative for everyone to have this app!

Go get it now.




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