Key Pieces

It is absolutely imperative to collect pieces that you can wear year-round. I am no longer the age where I can buy clothes to lend to friends or to lose in random places as I pass through. I am a supposed adult and should be keeping a record of the things I purchase and most importantly the wardrobe I am accumulating. Your wardrobe is your stability in this world. No exaggeration, here I'll give you an example.

Imagine getting to your desk at work on a Monday morning. As soon as eight o' clock hits your friends are blasting your phone with things happening that week. Parties, seminars, blogger meetups, and a photo shoot. Right away you panic because you feel that you have nothing to wear. In my case I never do. But in my dreams I have an outfit for everything that pops up, never having to rush to the store to grab that last minute dress or top.

I have been shopping to hopefully get to my dream closet gradually. This past Thursday I went to the mall as you guys know because I posted a few things I got on Instagram. I gave myself a budget that I will not disclose because I did not stay within it, however I got some steals that I am pretty proud of so it is all OK.

I've recently decided that bralettes are the base to all outfits and I needed to stock up on as many as possible. My first stop was Forever 21, naturally, and right away I was drawn to their intimates section where I found a table of assorted bralettes. I tried on a few to see which fit me the best and chose that style for my binge. I got one in every color. I also got some midi rings because you know I lost all of my other ones from the last time I went shopping. No joke.

Next stop was H&M.

I went in here specifically to find what I like to call their $5 steal deals. You know the red tags that cut the price in half sometimes 4X!! Well I didn't find anything for $5 but I did find these adorable shorts that will be super cute in an outfit post when I get to Bermuda next week! They were still on sale because YAS and I only spent $10 for them. 


Last purchase happened at Call It Spring.

They are currently having a HUGE 50% off sale on some cute summer shoes and some booties that we will all be needing pretty soon. I think you should stop by because you could snag an adorable [pair of shoes for less than $20! I have been eying these flats all over the place online and never bought them. Not really sure why thinking back on it, but I saw these for $17.99 at Call It Spring and had to get them. Very excited to be adding these to my collection :)

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian

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