You Already Have A Capsule Wardrobe


There really is no better place to look for clothes than your own closet. There you will find a plethora of items you have worn over the years, things you purchased and forgot about, and things you were given. The sad part is that you most likely have not touched or looked at half of the things in your own closet in quite some time. But this can also be a very good thing.

If all of your used to be favorites still hang in your closet, there is a good chance everyone else forgot about these items too. Bring them back every once in a while, styling it a new way this time. Or maybe you bought a dress for a one time event in high school that you can totally slay now with a new pair of shoes. The first step is organizing your closet, and piles are definitely the way to go. 


Pile 1

This is your pile for the things you would be hands down emotional about if they were to be taken from your closet. You need to pile these things up because it is most likely your dirty clothes, and the same 3 shirts you wore all week.

TIP : Always keep the essentials clean. At all costs. 

Pile 2

You should start collecting the things that could potentially be brought to a thrift store or sold. I personally find the thrift store to be therapeutic and get a kick out of fishing through the store. I make a day of it, and it is always loads of fun. I like doing this rather than just selling my clothes because I am getting a credit from the clothes I give and using said credit to buy new clothes!

TIP: The clothes that you get should go along in trend with the style you are going for in your capsule!


  • Thrift
  • Do Laundry 


New thrift pieces to integrate into your already organized closet. From there you can create fresh outfits mixing new and old. But learn to mix and match with a plain pair of blue jeans, a pair of leggings, style up a pair of sweats. Use your imagination, you have a lot more than you think you do. 

And here is a tip for you if you don't...

I have been recently OBSESSED with Primark. If you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram you have probably seen me posting pictures at the store every Thursday for the last month or so. This is real life, I have been there every payday for the last month and some change. I have a problem. But despite my addiction I have stalked up on some of the BEST QUALITY items I have ever felt, and got these things at such affordable prices.

The organization I described in this post I did personally for my own closet. I made the two separate piles and plan do go thrifting soon. Maybe even tomorrow. But I feel that I have a whole new wardrobe, simply by adding some new pieces and swapping around what I already had.


Try it out...& Live simply :)

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian