A Day For Street Fashion

I woke up this morning thinking it would be a typical day off. Right away I was wrong. At the literal moment of me opening my eyes, I was whisked out of the door rushing downtown to get Jae to orientation. He is starting a new job soon and I wanted to make sure I dropped him off with a kiss. Only issue is that I also decided to wait for him until his orientation finished which is at 4pm. I dropped him off around 10 am and was immediately bored to tears. I had no idea what to do with myself. 

That is until Maddy text me and decided to meet me for lunch. Highlight of my day, literally. We sat at Sweetgreen, shared a harvest bowl, and went on our way. This killed a solid hour and twenty minutes which was so clutch. I walked her to work and headed to Primark because I had never been and clearly had all the damn time in the world. 

When I walked in I was immediately given a Forever 21 vibe but not in a bad way. I was impressed by how limited the chaos was. There are four floors at the downtown Primark location which was mind blowing to me. They have clothes for men, women, and children! They even have a home section, I was dead. Thankfully I don't get paid until tonight so I refrained from buying anything with the two pennies I had left over from my last check. But I did managed to catch a few selfies to get something on the blog for you guys today :) 

Chucks - High Waists from Nordy Bp - Halter Crop from F21 :)

Chucks - High Waists from Nordy Bp - Halter Crop from F21 :)

Enjoy! & Happy Tuesday!

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian


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