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Saturday September 24th, 2016

After years of contemplation I finally put an order through for Warby Parker's home try on! My need for new glasses is so dyer that it just seemed like the right time. I will of course be showing you guys and asking what your favorite choices are, but I am planning on grabbing 1 or 2 new pairs. I feel that I need a few to choose from because I am getting sick of my single frame cat eye shaped lenses. I wear them almost everyday, faithfully. I chose to shop at Warby Parker because of their amazingly stylish collection and adorably chic selection. Any pair you choose that fits you correctly will give you amazing confidence. Another thing I love about Warby is that they do their part for those in need. Every pair sold gets matched and distributed to someone in need, which I love.

I browsed online for what felt like 2 hours scrolling through so many lenses I could barely pick out a top five. The whole time I looked I was so grateful for the home try on program. It is geared toward the hard workers with no time like me. I was comforted by the fact that I was going to be able to try on these lenses and send them back knowing what my favorites are. The home try on program is a luxury, offered to anyone and everyone. CLICK HERE if you would like to try it for yourself! It is literally $1 to submit your order.

As for my decision, I absolutely love anything that looks nerdy or like Harry Potter so naturally I was drawn to a frame called Abbot in a bronze almost a gold finish. I figured that because I wear mainly gold jewelry, getting a frame with a gold element would tie everyday looks together. I am really hoping that this is my number 1! Including Abbot, here are the frames I chose:

I will finish this post as soon as they get here and I get a chance to try them on. Be back soon :) 

Wednesday, September 28th

Today I received my order and the results were completely unexpected. Out of the five I LOVED three including the ones I anticipated to be my favorite. I did hope that I liked my fave frame but I was blown away that I looked cute in everything I tried on. I usually have such trouble finding frames that sit comfortably in my nose. To have an entire lineup of specs looking fabulous is a blessing - and I'm pumped I went for Warby Parker. I will probably get the clear pair and the Harry Potter lenses because I can't not. 

I am blind as a bat and will be ordering what I like as a prescription - but their lenses are totally stylish. Even if you do not need glasses their styles will add to any outfit. I am going to narrow my favorites down to 1 or 2 because I am not rich, let us not play. It is nice knowing what fits nice and what looks good on your face though :)

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Xo The Beautiful Bostonian


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