Durandal Sweater


So today my boss and I found ourselves dead laughing in the middle of the sales floor. I was looking for a particular "sweater vest" for a customer and we just could not get on the same page about what a sweater vest in fact was. Anything vest shaped, like the one I am wearing above, I categorize as a sweater vest. However what I was looking for was out of realm simply because of my classification. If anyone out there knows what this is really called please comment it below. Until then it is a sweater vest. 

Now... above I am rocking the Wilfred Durandal Sweater in the color jewel green which I LOVE! I think it looks so cute against my skin and it really gave me an old school vibe which you know I am all about. It was obviously thrown onto my hold, which by the way is filled with so many gems. I can't wait to get them this comin Friday :) A little gift to myself for all of the hard work I have been doing! 

This sweater was originally $125 but is now $49.99!! I am low-key amped about the sale that is going on at my store. Styling during a sale like this is both insane and rewarding. I love finding my customers steals all while slaying their wardrobes. If you are reading this and are currently in the city please stop by :) The sale will be going on for a little while longer! 

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian