Black Is The New Black In 2017

Top // Forever 21  Cardigan //  H&M  Jeans // Primark  

Top // Forever 21

Cardigan //  H&M

Jeans // Primark  

Purse essentials //   Thanks so much to @Aritzia for my #Auxillary pouch ✨  

Purse essentials // 

Thanks so much to @Aritzia for my #Auxillary pouch ✨  

This title works in a couple ways today.. not only am I rocking an infamously black ensamble, but I am also going to mention something else that has been swarming my mind. I am talking about the ignorance that surrounds each and every one of us including myself.  

If 2016 taught me anything it is that you should question every single thing and never assume you know what or how someone else is thinking. With that thought, I am going to make sure 2017 is a year of enlightenment. I will stay "WOKE" this year, and I will do my very best to transcribe what I learn in a way to inform you guys. Obviously this is not history class, and I am in no way qualified to be a teacher. However if you haven't noticed there is a lot happening around our country and now is a good time to get our wits about us. 2017 is the year of "black" and I will be posting a series of reflective pieces to get some conversation going. The world is changing around us so quickly it is so hard to keep a grasp on it. I have even been thinking about starting a podcast just to have a place to converse. Talking is the best way to get to understanding and that is what we all need. 

Look out for my first few pieces in the coming weeks. I'm working. 

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian