Reebok Questions


Valentine's Day came and went this year. I am assuming it had something to do with how hard I have been going at work. Everyday I work and then go home to sleep, just to repeat the same thing the following day. Also I wanted to point out that Valentine's Day fell on a Tuesday this year which is just crazy. To be honest it snuck up on me, and though it was ill planned I ended up having a wonderful day. 

My day started like they have been; I woke up early to open and sold during the morning shift. For some reason I was only scheduled until two which was a secret blessing because I hadn't even requested the day off. Anyway, it was about 1:35 and I was doing my last few tasks before I could leave when I found myself in the middle of the sales floor. I was chatting with a couple stylists about Valentine's Day and how corny I thought the whole idea of it was. In that literal moment I spotted Jae walking toward the stores entrance, flowers in hand. Two beautiful roses and a smile. I melted like all over the floor and was blushing so crazy. I can't with myself.

We headed straight downtown to eat and then shopped until we dropped, no joke we even passed on the movie just to get home. I swear that was the shortest version of the story behind these amazing Reeboks. Babe and I stopped by an Expressions who are  in the middle of some huge sale. I ended up getting  these for $59!

As a minimal I think it is important to have a few pairs of sneakers. It switches up your look and gives you some space to explore colors and patterns. I'm into it. 


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian