A couple weeks ago I took part in one of the biggest modeling projects of my career thus far. I shot in some of Calico's new items for the Spring/Summer. What an amazing experience it was, meeting the amazing staff and just being directed like a real life model. I had shot about a billion times before I attended this shoot and let me tell you, it was a completely different experience. Being directed in such an intimate setting is intimidating and really personal. Most times my background distracts me and almost provides a comfort to me in a photo. I was against a white wall for most of these photos and that in itself was a stretch. But to be honest it gave me some confidence! I did pretty well!!

I am so grateful to Calico and everyone I met during this shoot! You guys were so awesome and kind :) I thank you endlessly for allowing me to get my foot in the door with these amazing photos! Please consider me for any of your future projects! 

And for you guys I left the photos from the shoot below. Each accompanied by a link to purchase!

Let me know what you think <3


Reverse Almost Famous Top

Reverse Emma Tie Back Top