Be A Collaborative Beast


All shots by @AllySchmaling


When I think back on the past year I get so worked up and grateful.

It has been one of my hardest years to date. I went through a breakup that changed me, and I had to find a way to love myself again, to love again. I say it so often but it is because of my friends that I am able to do everything that I do. The friends who force me to be in front of the camera, those who force me to be creative, those who put me in vulnerable situations. Did I ever tell you that Ally shot me for the first time in her living room almost a year ago? I at the time was an emotional broken down mess and we connected via Instagram to set up a shoot. I walked into her home and had no idea what to expect, mainly because we had never met and I was an emotional wreck at the time. However immediately after introducing her energy gave me the strength and comfort to talk. We got to know each other and she even let me cry a little bit. Typing this out I am realizing that this was the day I promised myself to do more, to meet new amazing people, and to do more work that not only empowers me but others as well. Her photos were some of the first in my portfolio, and they make me feel so so beautiful and confident until this day.

Being a collaborative beast is so much more than simply doing a lot of projects. It has to do with your energy, and the energy created when people come together to create. It radiates which then turns into a beautiful platform to create magic. That is what happened this day. Ally text a group of us to shoot and we all came together to pour over thrifted clothing and pull outfits. Once they were chosen we made our way to a an outdoor basketball court off of Blue Hill Ave. I didn’t realize the significance of the location at the time, but Ally had put a lot of thought into every aspect of the collaboration. Everything down to our personally thrifted outfits.

Last night one of our photos was featured on @GirlGaze and this made me want to do a writeup on the blog. I am so honored and so proud to have been apart of this shoot - and I am also so grateful to have such amazingly talented friends who work so hard to keep me smiling.



Don’t you dare try to tell me that fashion comes from the top down. This entire thrifted editorial was created by a team of broke ass womxn and queer folks and features the public art of another womxn at a community park in Dorchester, one of the most underserved communities in Boston. Art abounds. Find it. Celebrate it. Elevate it. //
Muse: @thebeautifulbostonian 
Makeup: @kenzie.ncole 
Styling: @chloeagnesl 
Muralist: @strega_maria