HER by Bodega


The Her by Bodega event was by far one of the most beneficial gatherings I have attended in 2018. The event itself was set up surrounding a panel of insanely influential women who play such a huge role in incorporating women into sneaker and street style. They had everyone from influencers to the actual designers behind some of the brands we love. Women who faught in the workplace and cyberspace to have a voice in the sneaker scene, and women who even created their own sneaker to compete with the game.

The entire experience was fulfilling and really made me feel like I had a immenant purpose among the scene. I sat front row and ingested the stories told, felt touched by the journeys taken, and was overall so inspired to do whatever it was that I wanted to do. Not only should you attend anything thrown by Bodega moving forward, you should do what you can to introduce yourself to the people inhabiting the space with you. 9/10 they have similar visions and goals, and simply making that introduction can lead to a project or maybe even you achieveing goal. Come out, and make sure to meet those on the scene in the city of Boston right now. Not only will you be inspired, but you will be exposed to women who have been doing it. Make sure you are there to take note!

Cheers to many more!