Shot by @AllySchmaling


There are far too many things to be said about this event, my first. From those who took the time to be with me out of love and general adoration for my brand and my person, I thank you. It is because of each and every one of you that my vision came to life at all. From the designers who coached me up throughout the years to model their art, to the  photographers who shoot with me a TON who showed up for this day and shot everyone in attendance. I just have so much thanks - and want to applaud myself and everyone who took part in the preparation. Looking back on this day I am proud, and so happy I was blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing people.


#JAZZPS has evolved so much over time, as well as my understanding of the fashion industry and how it works. I’ve focused more on minimal wardrobing and thrift styling because I feel like a lot of us don’t pay attention to the gems that already surround us. We (including myself) pay such close attention to what is trending or in style, instead of developing our own personal style in a way that represents us. My brand was birthed on the fact that you don’t need money for fashion, and you also don’t need to follow any trend or popular aesthetic. You simply need a handful of interchangeable pieces that can create different outfits for you on a daily basis. My event was built on this fact, and I really feel as if people responded to it.

I scheduled 34 personal styling appointments for the event, total. But also sold general admission for the event that ended up hitting 138 in total - I was literally floored at the turnout. The fact that everything worked out and the show ran so smoothly when we finally got it together was a literal miracle. Typing this story for you at this time I am a little in disbelief - people have been talking about the turnout and overall interest everyday since it happened. So much that I already have a date impending for 2019 - stay tuned for what is to come, and thank you again and again to any and everyone who played apart in my first debut!


Disposables by:  @SanahRoy

Disposables by: @SanahRoy

A special thank you to @DariusMorantStudio, @allyschmaling, and @aruebphotography for capturing these moments that I will cherish for my entire life! 

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