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Alexis leather bag, $480 at December Thieves

Chloé small Nile bag, $2,150 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Little Black Pack fanny pack, $44 at Rack Addik

December Thieves, 51 Charles St., Boston (857-239-9149) decemberthieves.comRack Addikrackaddik.comSaks Fifth Avenue, Shops at the Prudential Center, 800 Boylston St., Boston (617-262-8500)

Model: Jazzy / Maggie Inc.

The start to my 2018 has kind of been amazing. We are already in March and I have been in a magazine, been signed all of five minutes, and have opportunities spanning throughout the next three months. I am juggling my full time job and trying to appear in as many places as possible on print and honestly it is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have finally gotten to a place where I feel growth and as if I am taking strides to where I am supposed to be. The lack of sleep sucks most definitely, but I am getting to a really good place. 

More often than not I am writing about how important my energy is to me. Recently I have been pondering on the dynamic of my job in contrast with working for myself. I always go back and forth, knowing that I am very self sufficient but that I benefit from being surrounded by good energy. I appreciate my teammates and how hard we all work to reach our goals on a daily basis. But I cant help but think about how much less I would stress managing myself on a daily. Just me, booking shoots, managing my neglected email account, and actually responding to people fast enough to collaborate. Just imagine the possibilities if I were able to respond to my emails in good time, LOL, it is actually laughable. This is my mass apology for everyone sending me messages on anything, I am truly sorry and will do what I can to be better for the rest of 2018. 

I have been putting some serious thought into my career and my brand - thinking about what I want to focus most on. I know modeling is a dream I want to ride as long as I can, but I also see myself doing so many other things. I love to influence but I also love to create. I want to educate as many people around me about sustainable fashion. I want to create eco friendly pieces that can be taken through the years, unisex pieces, that give others a chance to express through style. I want to create minimal beauty products focusing on elevating your skin using natural oils, instead of relying on makeup. Stay tuned for a handful of improvements regarding the site and its content - your girl is going through something. 


As for this amazing shoot at Improper - Thank you so much to Melissa and Holly for putting together such a dope look, and for choosing me to bring your idea to life. I am so grateful :)

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