Studio Fun with @AllySchmaling


I finally have a firm grip on why I do what I do everyday. I think it is because of the simple and effortless conversation Ally and I had upon meeting for the first time. I am a creative who values collaboration and networking. On a deeper level I am obsessed with meeting people who feed me spiritually as well as creatively. Immediately our energies meshed, and with that a beautiful photo shoot took place. She moved all of her furniture to one half of her living room and set up a makeshift studio. From there she asked me to choose a color. This yellow, a teal, or a pink. 

I sported my favorite jumpsuit and a simple sock sneaker to keep it comfy for the first look. No stress is the way I like to shoot, and to be completely honest with you - my afternoon was comprised of just that. We chatted over beers like we have been friends this whole time. Talking about projects, the amazing people we have met, and how our passions can drive the city in a new direction creatively. In a way I was awakened. I have had some of the hardest days of my life recently and it has been my craft and my creations that have been keeping me going everyday. Whether I am at work styling my clients or against a canvas in front of a lens, I feel liberated and almost as if I can do anything. I thank you Ally for taking the time to shoot me, for getting to know me, and for sending a rush of positive energy into my life. I had not shot for weeks, I was struggling to find my happy - but you made me feel so beautiful, you allowed me to vent and you caught my heart in these photos so I thank you. 




Dress from @Olgapastyrnak