Filming JACKALOPES with @Geordenewest

STYLED BY : @JamallOsterholm

STYLED BY : @JamallOsterholm


Last week I was apart of my first fashion film. It was a project put together by Georden West, a good friend of mine and one of the first people to ever take my picture. She is amazing, and will be graduating from school soon. This project was her thesis and if you ask me, she will be scoring through the roof with it, we actually did so amazingly well filming that if there were a contest of some sort, she would win the whole thing. I am so confident in her vision and her craft. She drafted a story line and casted friends to play the parts - Desean and I were the angel twins, Lia was a dominant in some sort of romantic relationship with Yaa cast as the submissive. They journeyed through the film telling a story of love, but also giving off a queer spin to a love story, discussing visually the workings of religion and power after a great devastation. Though there are no words what was conveyed was very powerful and I can't wait for all of you to see!

Our costumes were designs created by Jamall Osterholm a menswear designer in essence, with a unisex eye for set styling. I loved his pieces for more reasons than one. But what I loved the most was his seamless use of black and white, his proportions, and how his entire collection can be interpreted among genders. I don't know if I have ever said it on the blog but it is my dream to create a unisex line built with sustainable fabric. Though Jamall's image isn't exactly like my own, I really appreciate his concept and the look he is going for with his pieces. I was inspired, and the film is so so beautiful because of this collaboration. 

I want to thank each and every person who took part in making this happen. I know whoever had a role in this production will remember this time and value the friendships made during it. I am also incessantly thankful for Georden for allowing me to be part of her vision and story. It is because of my friends that I have had such a diverse modeling journey. I can truly conquer anything that comes my way because of their support and unwavering ability to include me in their vision.

Thank you, and enjoy all of the happy photos I have until the film actually debuts! Let me know what you think :)