Rococo Rebellion


Yesterday I had the honor of being apart of a 5 model walk at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum for Nathalia JMAG - I’ve done this before, however I have never been apart of such an intricate show. It was one of their winter soiree’s and had a theme titled “Rococo Rebellion”. People came dressed up going along with the theme, and the party was popping! Nathalias designs were nothing short of perfect as she dressed myself and four other models in her new line. I was honestly so blown away by her technique and by how original her pieces really are. She created pieces that obviously resembled a style that came and went throughout the years, but modernized it with her up cycling and outstanding personal style. It was a major hit and I had a ball!

I am also so happy I was able to walk in a show before I leave.

Walking in shows and posing for Nathalia were some of my first glimpses into the modeling world. She exposed me to everything, and introduced me to all of the people I am so grateful to know in the creative community today. She never forgets to include me no matter what she has done and that is something I can never forget. It is her belief in me that has propelled me toward my dreams. I love you Nat!

My makeup was done by an angel named Bianca @BMC_Makeup, my hair was done in collaboration by Jaws @ByJawz and Po @Po.ave.


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