Yes or No?!


For the longest time I have dreamt of leaving Boston and starting over somewhere new. I did it once for college and lasted all of 5 minutes all because I hadn’t really put much thought into where I was actually going. Now at the age of 25 I am focused on positioning myself to be the most successful. I have shed the thought of what everyone else has wanted me to do, and have delved more into what I want for myself and how things make me feel. I’ve learned that in order to make myself happy, I have to commit to things that uplift me and my spirit.

I got more specific recently and decided that modeling and styling give me a certain happiness that no other “job” has given to me in my entire life. Im a hustler and can get good at just about anything I put my mind to. I look ahead with strength and can hold my weight in any conversation I encounter. Getting and keeping a job hasn’t been a struggle for me, it has been keep the motivation or feeling inspired. I am no longer in a position where I will allow myself to be stagnant or bored. Why waste time thinking about the things I want to do or places I want to be when I could simply be planning to do just that. Instead of thinking on the change so much, I have been creating it.

Modeling has become a huge thing in my life as of late. It has allowed me opportunity to do some amazing things and it will soon be something I can take bicoastal. With that I am hoping to take my styling to the next level by surrounding myself with brands in a fast paced market. My hope is to not only model the shoots, but to style them as well.

I will be moving to LA this coming spring and I am looking to manifest everything I have been scribbling into my planners and notebooks. I am ready to take large bounds toward achieving my dreams, and I am excited to soon be in a new place filled with so much opportunity.


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