Oonas Vintage


Oonas Vintage has been one of my biggest supporters to date. I was sourced to style this shoot with a best friend of mine In honor of the new spring collection. I am forever grateful for this shoot because it was one of my last before I left Boston. It was one of those shoots booked spur of the moment, full of pieces I had never seen and a setting I was not familiar. I walked into this shoot optimistic and initially really nervous for what was to come. 

My girl Eva had shot with them in the past and I had heard really great things about the brand overall. It wasn’t until I pulled up that I really got to introduce myself, but the staff was phenomenal. I felt right at home as I styled pieces and created looks that supported my aesthetic. Eva showed up matching my same energy and we styled a shoot to the gods. Planning pieces that represented both she and I. We created a vibe that I will always hold close. Thank you Oonas for the opportunity, and thank you Eva for conintining to be my muse and source for all things fashion! 


Oonas gifted me this AMAZING quilted peplum jacket! Please show them love for this generosity! I cry.