One of my favorite people online always remains transparent and real on her social media and it really resonates in my life. She uses the hashtag #KeepGoing and this urges me to write every single day. Whether it be on paper or my fingers pushing the keys, I am drawn to write whenever I read this statement. “#KeepGoing” kind of validates that there may in fact be something shitty happening in your life, but there is always a way to keep moving and pushing toward something positive.

This post is inspired by that theme.

Sometimes you get to a point at the bottom of all of your actions and you realize that you are not in the headspace you aimed for. The way you planned everything may not end up being real, and the things you invested in may not follow through the way you anticipated. This my friends is lie, and if there is anything I have learned leading up to this point, its that no matter how much planning and positivity you throw at something, it may not come out exactly how you envisioned. The beauty of it is that sometimes things are supposed to go wrong for the outcome. The important thing is to keep going.




Jazzy Roulhac