We Didn't Just Grow Up Together. // In Response To - "We Were Never Friends. We Just Grew Up Together."

We Were Never Friends. We Just Grew Up Together.

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I am not sure if you saw this article while thumbing through your Facebook feed not too long ago, but I did and I definitely felt the need to share my perspective. In no way am I bashing the person who wrote the article mentioned. In fact, I applaud the author for their honesty and vivid attention to the matter. He started by describing elements of his upbringing and weaved in a few stories that convinced him over the years that racism was alive and well. He then went on to talk about politics and its relevance among his personal life and relationships. This point is very important because I think it plays a key role in a lot of what is happening. It is October 28th, and the primaries are so close it is literally nauseating. There is honestly no way to choose in my opinion and how could we be worried about a leader when all of this insanity is happening socially surrounding race?! It is just crazy.

To combat some of the negativity and hopefully join some hands in all of this turmoil, I wanted to share my personal experience. I am a Bostonian born and raised but have never attended schooling here. From Pre-K through middle school I went to Concord Public Schools through a program called Metco. Metco worked to provide a better education for inner city kids by commuting them to neighboring suburbs surrounding the city.

Right away I met a friend who I can still contact to this day, and not just a friend but a family. Granted the Metco program provides a host family for each student - but this family has a lot to do with my early success in school. They gave me a room, they fed me, they made me a part of the family. Looking back on my early childhood I can honestly say that school was some of the better of my memories. In some instances I was 1 of 8 black kids in an entire school. In fact that total number could be even less, and to be completely honest with you I never experienced a drop of racism. There was not one moment I can tell you that I felt discriminated against, shameful in any way or uncomfortable. 


High school was one of the biggest triumphs of my life. I attended a boarding school near Cape Cod and you can imagine already what surrounded me. Again I was one of few. Even being there, surrounded by kids from all over the world. I met some of the most amazing people I have come across in my life there, and the memories I have made with them are ones I will hold close for a lifetime.  I grew so much in my four years there and it had a lot to do with what I was exposed to on a professional level and on a personal level. I was never called a nigger or treated differently because I was black. At most I would get a black joke here or there mixed in with the Jew jokes and Asian jokes but what are you going to do. People suck sometimes, and no I am not condoning the behavior but they will get theirs - don't nobody play that shit. But my point is that I never experienced anything negative regarding race throughout all of my schooling. 


It was not until I got to college that I really started to see anything but do you want to hear something crazy? My freshman year Trayvon Martin got killed and from that day on I have been seeing black men and women die on social media. From that day on I can say that I have seen a change in people but despite everything I think it is healthy and progressive.

I am not going to use this article to reiterate a bunch of deaths you probably already know about. But each death is relevant in the argument for black lives which is where you come in white people. I have friends that I plan to have in my life for years to come and understand that white privilege is a thing. But we all need to stop pointing fingers and work with what we have. Friendship is everything when you are talking about unity so to combat all of the negativity and separation we need to stick together. we need to talk about all of the hard things happening around us so we can make them better together. Our friendships weren't nothing and if it was genuine it will show. Only those who really care will join the conversation. Sure I may lose friends and may have lost some but the effort was not lost on this side.


We didn't just grow up together.


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian