Love Rally In The Commons // Boston 2016


For the longest time I have wanted to be apart of the gathering. I wanted to be one of the people with organized plans for what to do whenever something horrible happened. I stumbled across #LoveRallyInTheCommons a few days before it all went down and was proud of myself for catching something before it actually happened, which is means for celebration. I miss everything - and I would have been so sad had I missed what I saw yesterday. It was simply warming and gave me some sense of hope and security which I have really needed for the last few days.

When I approached the gathering I felt like I was surrounded by friends and I had gone there alone. I was shocked to find a guy from Concord who I grew up with basically while in school. He was there recording film for a project he was doing and immediately I knew I had found a kindred soul. We made our way through the crowd collecting photos and videos to spread throughout social media. We talked about our goals and steps for moving forward, and together we made friends with so many different kinds of people. We sat in circles of people just talking about everything going on - and at all times there were people wandering the peace circle, spreading encouraging words and exchanging reassuring smiles.

From the middle of the huddle people would stand and express their perspective. A girl with disabilities stood up and told us how she felt - the voice that came from her startled me. It was loud and made its way across the field hitting everyone evenly. Every single person heard her words as she talked about feeling unsafe both as a woman and one with disabilities. She talked about how she was not protected in the place that she should be able to call home. From there she lead off "Imagine" by John Lennon and I started to cry. Every person present in unison started to sing with her, and a vibration of love echoed through the park. It was that moment when I realized I was supposed to be there. That is the America we need to achieve throughout.

Another girl rose up to speak and was interrupted by a random boy who stood up from meditation simply to shout " Make America Great Again " - at which time everyone stared at him in complete silence as he caught our reactions on Snapchat while hysterically laughing. Of course I wanted to stand up and beat the kids ass but I felt so powerful just sitting there. Surrounded by all of the love and peace. When his 10 seconds was up he wandered out of the meditation circle and we continued to bask in the love that we had all created for each other. As if it never even happened in the first place.


I wanted to give a special thanks to this beautiful woman for taking the time to make sure everyone could make their own sign at the rally! She sat here smiling the whole time giving out markers and spreading so much positivity I could not even handle it. She even had a sign beside her that read " Want to talk? Here to listen ". This is America. 


If you see yourself in any of these photos please comment below and let me know you saw this! Also please share so the entire city of Boston can see the love. This is what we need on social media! 


Love Trumps Hate. Always.

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian