All Black - Owned For A Day


Whether you are aware or not, Black America has been facing a lot of turmoil both recently and historically. I have personally been doing a lot of research because I simply do not want to be left in the dark. There are so many stories about our ancestors that aren't known today because over the years, government has been working so hard to keep it hidden. Teachers aren't allowed to teach the truth, so kids only know what was laid out for them to learn. As sad as it is, there are so many other people like myself, who do not fully understand or know the happenings within their history. 

I learned something just the other day that I knew NOTHING about. Did you know there was a Black Wall Street? I had only heard of something like this before I actually took to the internet to find out for myself. But it was real, and there are photos. Black businesses spanning for miles. Something that is simply a rarity to think about nowadays. Today it is like they don't expect Black people to be articulate or able to read and write with some prowess. To this day people look at me shocked in interviews because I can confidently talk about my accomplishments and about where I see myself in 5 years given my work ethic. A women literally plopped into her chair in awe because she wanted to know more about my personal business. I effortlessly rattled off my mission and reason for putting together The Beautiful Bostonian and she looked at me like I had changed her entire view on Black people. I got the job and didn't take it. Know why? Because I can run that place. I decided a long time ago I can do any and all things by myself. 

Black people have come a long way over the years. In fact Black women are the most educated group in the country, and Black men are now showing up in fields they have never really been seen in before. There are more graduates, and more people starting their own businesses. We need to take all of these accomplishments and start living our lives to build a support system. It has been proven that our lives and well-being do not matter, and not just us but minorities in general and as a whole. People are losing their lives and are not valued as highly as others in this country. So to combat this, I think supporting small business is so important. The more we put money back into the hands of our community, the better our communities will do as a whole. So change over to that black owned bank, stop buying the same products you always have, try something new, something more natural and to be honest - way better for your body. Stop dressing mainstream, and promote a friend of yours!


This is how we should be thinking moving forward. So I put this article together to show you how you can be All Black-Owned for a day. I really hope you enjoy, and if you know of any other awesome brands or products please comment them below. I will be forever grateful and I am sure someone else may benefit from your comment as well :)

These gifts are also perfect for the holiday season!


All Black - Owned For A Day



Make some coffee! Try Stivers Coffee or Fridays Coffee.

And if you aren't into coffee try some Gulla Girl Tea !

Showering is essential, so imagine throwing away every product you have and starting from scratch. What would you need? Some kind of body scrub, shampoo, conditioner, face-wash, etc. I have scoured the internet looking for products I actually want to buy for myself and listed them according to my shower routine. 

So first, clean your body with Clenapure's Pink Grapefruit Sulfate Free Body Wash or  Skin Deep's Coco - Mango cleansing cream. Then for me personally I would move onto washing my hair. I know we all have our own hair-care routines but if you are looking for something to try, Soultanicals. I have a few of their products on my Christmas list :)


Wash your face with, Belle Butters Black Current and Lavender Oil Cleanser - and scrub with a Belle Butters Cleansing Pad .

Detangle your hair with The Detangler Brush and apply a quick leave-in (Soultanical's Aqua Mane- Instant Moisture Potion/Leave In Conditioner) to ensure easy hair styling. 

Brush your teeth with All Things O'Natural Herbal Tooth Powder and rinse with their Oral Mouth Rinse!

All clean!

I like to use a cleaning wipe just to make sure my face is nice and clean after my shower, so for this I recommend Cleanse wipes. Moisturize with All Things O'Natural's KIJANI mini BEAUTY BALM and hit any skin problem areas with some ROSEHIP FACIAL SERUM from Natty Naturals. 

Each of us have so many things we use to beat our faces on the daily, so I will just list some places you can try a new product or two. Baby steps, but these companies have great reviews...

TYRA Beauty

Shea Moisture

KA’OIR Cosmetics

Black Opal

Black Up Cosmetics

Sacha Cosmetics

Laws of Nature

Skin Mind Body Essentials

Juvia’s Place

Vera Moore Cosmetics

Fashion Fair

After I do my makeup I am ALWAYS starving, so naturally you would need to make some breakfast. Try a few products from The Breakfast Klub!


Pop that load of laundry in and use some True detergent because why not, you know you have some laundry. 

After the load you will be exhausted and starving again so grab another cup of coffee and decide what to eat for lunch. Make sure not to forget to season your food with Mama Vi's Vibrant Seasoning , some salts and spices from the Marketplace Online , or something from The Soul Fit Grille !

Paint your nails and slay with some Mischo polish. Then once they dry go get some snacks because you will most likely be hungry again. I know I would be. Try some Good People Popcorn , Cory's Cookies or find a recipe to recreate from Carla Hall ! ( Love her)

Want to bake a cake? Try Real Men Cook sweet potato pound cake (and check out their charity!)


If you know of any other Black owned businesses PLEASE comment them below because I am always looking!

Oh and don't forget to share!


Thanks so much for reading :)

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian


At the end of the day, June 1, 1921, this is what remained of Black Wall Street.


This time they can't burn us down.  

- The Beautiful Bostonian