Women Marching On Washington


The march planned to happen this week has been the fuel to my fire. Everyday I have woken up empowered and excited because of the passion I have seen all over the world surrounding this event. People are sewing pussy hats and drawing extravagant posters to stand together on a handful of issues. Some of which battle with my very human rights. I am honestly feeling a way that I will not be there myself to witness it firsthand. I will be at work wishing for the most positive outcome.

I wanted to put together a post about my thoughts abojt the women's march because I have seen an array of negative media and comments about it. I am 100% aware that we do not live in a perfect world but I imagined that basic human rights would be essential and a commonplace for most people. Instead I have seen individuals speak on things they don't experience firsthand and most ignorantly fight to preserve themselves instead of thinking of their country as a whole. I am now apart of a world who thinks they have a say in a woman's pregnancy. This was true back in the day but it has resurfaced in the most negative way possible. In my opinion the decision was made based off of economics. More babies is more money for the government which is so sad for me to say. So the fact that they are stripping away basic human rights doesn't phase them at all. The march was not just put together to support the rights of women though, it was assembled to create solidarity among the people. Your new president has bluntly stated on numerous occasions that he has no regard for environmental conflicts. In fact, he doesn't believe them to be actual issues. He is also quite derogatory toward indigenous peoples, those with disabilities, and anyone identifying with LGBTQI communities. The Women's March On Washington has the potential to be one of the biggest and greatest acts of protest in our history.  

For those of you out there who still do not understand why we march, I think you should try to do a better job paying attention to the information at your fingertips. If that isn't enough of a representation I will state it here. We stand for religious freedom because there are people around us who get harassed and put down everyday because of what they choose to believe in; and that isn't right. We march for climate justice because we have trashed this earth and will do whatever it takes to nurse it back to health. We stand for racial justice because we value that our country is diverse and comprises of ethnicities and races from all over the world. Not one of them should be treated differently because of the color of their skin. We stand for economic justice because we believe there should be opportunity for each and every person. And lastly we stand for reproductive justice because any and all women should have the right of choice and funding to take care of our bodies. Anyone who stands for any of these things being violated has a blatant disregard for the people in their lives. Each and every one of us falls into one of the categories above which is a reason to unify.

There are so many ugly things happening all around the world but this march on Washington, to me, means hope. Women and children and even some men have planned and booked busses and hotels just to be there. To stand and march together. And those who knew they couldn't get to DC have planned sister marches all over the country. My heart is so warm and to be honest I have been calmed by this. Trump is literally so stupid but he is bringing out the best in this country in some weird way. People are starting to talk, and more importantly they are starting to brainstorm ways to make things better.

I have already said this like 400 times but I am feeling so hopeful about 2017. Both for myself, for Boston, and for America. I am hopeful that there are people like me out there writing their hearts out and marching for a better tomorrow. I know that sounds super corny but I'm so serious. So many issues have hit the fan this past year that it has been hard to breath around here. The Women's March On Washington is rushing life into my lungs and driving me forward each day. I just want to personally thank anyone planning to be there and anyone planning to stand and march in Boston. Your presence is appreciated and respected as we stand together for justice and equality.


Xo The Beautiful Bostonian