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Energy is something I hold near and dear to my personality. It is something that I personally perceive myself to be all about. I can walk into a room and feel vibes from the people around me. Insanely enough, that is how I met the wonderful woman who wrote this post for you guys today. Her name is Kriket and I met her at a manicure appointment at #MiniLuxe almost two weeks ago. Right away we clicked and got to chatting, realizing instantly that we were kindred souls. She started to talk about what she did and her passions and I wanted to make sure to introduce you guys to her. She lives to bring out the best in others and works to produce positive outcomes with just about everything she engages in. She spoke to me, and now she has written something to speak to you guys.





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”Negative energy this” .. “positive energy that.”  In my opinion the truest and most honest question is, what is energy?

To put it simply, energy has always existed and it cannot be created nor destroyed.  Energy vibrates on a certain frequency, and those frequencies are measured in Hertz= Hz.


I am pretty sure I learned his concept from my 7th grade textbook, but stick with me it gets deeper than that. What the text book doesn’t tell you is that we (humans) ARE energy wrapped in flesh. We are fragmented energy from the one source. That energy can be translated and manipulated to our advantage or disadvantage through our thoughts and actions. Therefore positive energy emissions are so important; the way you communicate is key.

Now that everyone has a general understanding of energy and how it works lets briefly discuss why it is important to think positively instead of negatively. There are two reasons for this in my opinion. The first is because every energy emission from your body you are responsible for. Every action, thought, move, positive feeling, negative feeling, even happiness is emitted. The sooner we each master our emotions and how they are perceived to those around us, the easier living among this society will be.  REGARDLESS OF THE ANTAGONIST. You are responsible for your own energy. Every negative emission of energy from your body you are responsible for. The second is because just as there are laws in society there are Laws of the Universe. Unlike Earthly justice systems the Universe is always fair and just. Why? Because if you do not obey the laws of the Universe you will continually live a life of negativity and disharmony and continually repeat life lessons until you willingly take responsibility for them.

I call this “beating the next level on the video game”.  Through these learned lessons you begin to develop your own principles and laws which boost self-esteem levels, confidence levels, and feelings of respect. Translation: self-love.  The best love.

You are the creator of your life and thoughts and again what you choose to give off, you will receive.Whatever you put out into the world will come back to you in some way shape or form. Ones energy cannot be denied for it is so potent and sometimes tangible. Energy has the power to light up a room.

Everything from Mother Earth, to trees, to music, even your voice vibrates on a certain frequency. Therefore metaphysically speaking, when you don’t like the sound of someone’s voice its not necessarily that you “don’t like the sound of their voice” its that the frequency of that person’s voice does not resonate with your personal vibration or “vibe”.

This is why it is important to lovingly face any negative issue that you may be having in your life with optimism and positivity. Any action made out of fear (negativity) will come back to you in a physical manifestation of that negative emission whereas decisions made out of Love (positivity) will always come back to you in a happily and joyfully.

I know some of you are ready to get a head-start on a “New Life” armed with this information; others are not so eager. Please do not get me wrong, most of this information is easier said and done. And not everyone will see this lifestyle through to the end.  If you find this information to be tough to practice please start small. Baby steps are the way to execute this new way of living. Living a life of conscious intent is the key. When you intentionally choose to live a life of positivity you automatically begin to start lifting your vibrations.  Mathematically, love vibrates at 528 Hz. Remember that.

There are certain things that anyone can do in order to live a positive and happy lifestyle. Simple things like smiling, or practicing expressions of gratitude. Intentionally search for reasons to express gratitude. When that Uber driver picks you up even if he’s late as soon as you slam that drivers car door say “Thank you for picking me up”. Purposefully lift others’  vibrations as well. Nine times out of ten the guy enthusiastically say “You’re welcome.” Occasionally you’ll get the guy that snarlingly says “It’s my job.” Point is you automatically turned a neutral and possible energy space into a positive one. Your goal from there is to maintain that frequency. Keep in mind frequencies are waves and waves maintain a curve, an up and down pattern; therefore your life will in turn naturally have a wavy pattern.. meaning there are up and downs. However, it is up to us to decide whether or not we experience the highest of highs and not the deepest of lows. Throughout this process it is most important to be patient and not judge your thoughts. Thoughts are electromagnetic frequencies as well and through your thoughts you are almost instantly able to manifest those thoughts.

Living this human experience I’ve realized that energy is our currency.  It is simply inherited money from the source that we are fragmented from The Universe. I’ve come to understand that we are to transport our energy a.k.a. currency into manifestations of love, positivity, and physical currency. The goal in life is the fulfillment of desires. Imagine having everything you want joyfully with no strings attached.

Heaven on Earth is simply a thought away.


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