Minimalism // Part 1

Decide Why

Article 1 of 5 // #MINIMALSERIES

For a while now I have been trying to implement some kind of lifestyle that allows me to reorganize myself mentally and physically. Because let us be honest, your girl is a hot ass mess. When I say mentally I am referring to my energy and my personal mental health. Seeing as mental health isn't something I have taken into consideration lately, I wanted to make sure to focus most on this specifically. In reference to reorganizing physically, I am talking about my possessions, experiences, and spending habits. We all know money makes the world go round, but I have been learning recently that what you do with your money is just as important. Instead of spending money on ordering out everyday for a week, save that money and reroute it elsewhere. Maybe for a plane ticket somewhere for the experience. Not just in the present but for the future as well. Everything saved now puts me in a better place for the future to take care of myself and to live the life I dream of living.

(Actual footage of me after I get my paycheck)

At this point I am 23 years old. Living just about paycheck to paycheck, spending my money on anything that makes me happy (i. e clothes, travel, blog stuff, and food). I've realized that this is just about the dumbest way to save and get myself ahead so I have been making gradual changes. I began to do some research on different ways of living and I started to feel liberated because of everything I saw. I looked into capsule clothing, organizing the home, and living with just what you need. I started saving recipes I wanted to recreate, new things i want to try, and new places I wanted to see. Dreaming is fun and all but actually preparing for something that YOU want to accomplish is an amazing feeling.

Minimalism is something that popped up and immediately grabbed my attention. In essence I am a very minimal person; I take a routine and I perform it tirelessly day in and day out. I wear only my favorite items of clothing, and I always eat only my favorite things. In a way I am insanely predictable, but I wanted to use this learned characteristic to my advantage. The way I live my life now leaves a lot of room for improvement. My eating habits could be better, my saving habits could be better, and my general self care could be a hell of a lot better. Its so hard to keep up with yourself when life is running past you at full speed every single day. Simple things like having an eye prescription, or checkups on your health are so important but constantly overlooked. We need to start paying closer attention to ourselves, all while trying to learn who we are and how we should be impacting this world.

Because fashion is so important to me I decided to start my minimal journey by attacking my closet. Getting dressed everyday is something I take great pride in. I have been finding that I don't really need much when it comes to this. As long as I stick to my aesthetic and make sure to only spend money on things that can be worn seasonally, I will forever and always have a minimal wardrobe to take me through life. I will of course continue to thrift because that defines my look, but I will be taking my time to shop, and will only be giving my money to reputable brands. To get rid of clothes I started by revamping my virtual Poshmark closet for sales, weeding out the items I would be thrifting, and making sure to only keep what was absolutely essential.

From there I grabbed a pen and paper to jot down some short/ long term goals for my minimal journey. 

I typed it out here for dramatic effect // 



  • Focus & drive positive results at work.
  • Get promoted. 
  • Pursue your dream of modeling.
  • Save $1000 (Physically put the 1k into your savings account)
  • Organize personal space & belongings. Lighten the load.
  • Plan & outline your next step.
  • Plan a trip to look forward to.


  • Buy a car. 
  • Rent your first apartment or space.
  • Finish your degree.
  • Develop your business & expand

I also purchased a journal for my minimal journey. I used to write so much and couldn't even tell you where any of my journals have gone. They could be anywhere at this point and that is something I am sad about. I wish I kept everything I ever wrote. I told myself that in adulthood I would make sure to journal in any way I can. In fact it may have been some of the reason why I started this blog in the first place. I love seeing how far I have come, my growth. Some days that is what keeps me going.

This is the superficial layer of minimalism or at least it was for me. The most substantial part of my journey took place in an emotional way. Minimalism has been so important for me because it has given be a breath of fresh air. Not only are things organized around my physically, but I have given my mind a chance to organize itself as well. I know what I want to do, who I want to be with, and who I will allow to be in my space. I've realized that my energy is precious and the people close enough to experience it, should match my happy. Nothing less.

So my why? I decided to go minimal when I got tired of living without paying close attention to me. The things you wear, how you feel, what you put into your body, and your way of life effects you. I chose minimalism because I chose me. 


Cheers to my MINIMAL series! Please comment your thoughts :)