Point of You // Healing Guide for Anxiety & Depression

 Anxiety and Depression..

those two words even hurt to be read.  We can all relate with someone who is either depressed.. anxious.. or both. Anxiety and depression  are two very real diseases that discriminate not against ethnicity, age, or career choice. Each disease has the ability to consume just about anyone if given the chance. I feel that a better understanding of each disease will better help us heal individually and collectively. It is important that we remain optimistic, supportive, patient and loving throughout this process and remember to not judge one another but most importantly not to judge ourselves.  

The word disease is made up of two words “-dis”  and “-ease”  meaning a feeling of uneasiness, restlessness or just not being fully comfortable with something in your life. Being a victim of anxiety is just that, a “dis-ease”.  A disharmony.  Ultimately it is a thought, an action(s), or an issue not dealt with, that begins to manifest within us.

Let that sink in.

 We are all somewhat familiar with the symptoms of anxiety and depression, right? When you imagine a depressed person we visualize someone with low energy, someone who is sad, someone who sleeps all day, someone who doesn’t have energy to do anything. Those are all symptoms (physical manifestations) of these diseases. You may even feel as if you fall into some of these symptoms. When you think of an anxious person the thought of someone constantly biting their nails or someone with a very weak stomach comes to mind. There are anatomical and spiritual reasons for this.


Simply put, anxiety is obsessing over the future. Always feeling like you have to go! go! go! Whilst still feeling like you're not getting anywhere fast enough.  Depression is obsessing over the past, living in the past and not allowing yourself to get past traumatic experiences.

Literally. Living in the past and obsessing over the future.

Process this information and think about how you can translate your negative feelings of pain, heartache, discontentment, embarrassment, and loneliness into feelings  of joy, happiness, pleasure, and harmony.  

Letting go is the most honest thing that you as a human can do. We have the desire to want to control as  many  aspects in our life as possible. We visualize a strict plan as to how we want things to  turn out and when the vision that we have  in our mind does not match exactly the same way in reality we get pissed, feelings of negativity begin to brew and we are in turn placed back on a negative frequency. But what we must remember and understand is that if our desires do not follow the Laws of the Universe precisely then we will in turn not get the things we imagined.  For example, positively letting go is comparative to releasing a kink out of a water hose.  Once the kink is out of the hose, the water flows suddenly, consistently and abundantly.

Before we let go we must recognize and face whatever is holding us back wholeheartedly and lovingly. This thoughtful reflection is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. The first step in this healing process is to recognize  any and all repressed and suppressed issues. Start here. 


During this healing process:

1. please remember not to judge yourself, your life, or your thoughts.

2. remember not to judge your thoughts especially because they vibrate on frequencies as well.

3. go slow.

4. remember to  do your best everyday.  

5. stay in your lane. Do not compare your life to others because you are physically mentally emotionally and biologically programmed differently from that person in every way.

6. be patient and make conscious progress everyday. We make our own decisions regardless of the influences.

Intentionally and consciously practice these steps everyday.


And if you ever have any question, feeling alone or needs positive words and affirmation please feel free to contact me. As a healer my job is to be of service in every way. It’s easy to forget that there are others going through the same situations as us. Remember that it is your  responsibility to make yourself happy, no one else’s. Surrender all of your negative thoughts to the universe.

I do so lovingly, openly, happily and without judgement.

I love you guys ♥︎


- Kriket Smith

Instagram: @therealkriketsmith

Email: kriket@luxurylove.me