Minimal Mind // Part 2

Sorry for the slight delay in my minimal series. I realized my absence would raise questions but to be honest, lately I have been feeling unable to write. Maybe it is because Trump consumes my news feed on all social media, or the fact that Flint Michigan still has no water. It could be a number of things but to put it plainly I have been out of words. Every single day I am left with nothing to say after reading the newest devastation to our country. It is exhausting for me emotionally to keep living like this. Which is what lead me to writing article number two in my minimal series.

The Minimal Mind

Living minimally is very much physical but also has a lot to do with what you allow into your mind. This pertains to the people surrounding you as well as the things you ingest on a daily basis. The news you scroll through incessantly on social media, the advertisements, even some of the blogs you follow. There are so many things that take away from ones happy throughout a day, so how to combat it? Have a minimal mind. 

I only have eyes for what I need and for what makes me feel empowered and strong. Recently I've been paying close attention to my family and to each and every person I allow to be in my space. I have made cuts and have reevaluated some of my most prized relationships. Why? Because I realized that I was the only one invested in them. I also came to the conclusion that I should be invested in myself and my growth. And should only surround myself with people who add to that energy. So invest in yourself and handpick a family of people who deserve to be in your presence. People who will contribute to your happy, and people who know when something is weighing you down. The ones who pay attention deserve to be in your space. Everyone else should not be stressed over, which is almost like mental de-cluttering. 

The next step to having a minimal mind is filling your time with stimulating and positive activities. This will build your confidence, keep your productivity up, and ultimately lift your spirit. Have you wanted to learn a new language? Or to start a new book? Great! Those are great ways to relax the mind instead of repeatedly hurting your spirit elsewhere. Something I have been working toward is building my brand and business. Doing more to connect and collaborate. These new connections and business collaborations have done some amazing things for my mood and my days overall. I follow people on social media who stimulate me and my life positively, that way when I binge I am not allowing anything negative to take away from my spirit. I started following more black influencers and women who looked like me who had similar goals and interests.

Every single thing in my space, whether it is a person or a product, was placed there by me to curate my happiness.