7 Day Minimalism Challenge // Part 5

When I started my minimal journey I headed straight to Pinterest. I found challenges and a bunch of articles surrounding "how to" and honestly, I don't think there is any one way to do minimalism. And quite frankly it isn't for everyone. The articles were so direct and gave legit step by steps to conquering this lifestyle. For me personally there were things that didn't apply so I cut them out, I hand picked my favorite tasks and created a plan just for me. This plan inspired my minimal series so I wont say all that I have already said but I do encourage you to research. Figure out what is for you and push yourself to live a healthy and more productive lifestyle.

Having gone through a full three month cleanse I put together a fast forwarded version for you guys. A jump-start if you will into the life of a minimal. Each day on the minimalism challenge represents one of the tasks I felt was most important while doing my research. My hope is that if you embark on this challenge you are in a ready position to do something different, to learn about yourself, and to better your position. 


Good luck!


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