Life Essentials // Part 4 & SPECIAL OFFER from NIMNIM Boston

If you had to pack up and move abruptly, would you be able to pack quickly? Would you be able to take everything?

What would be the most important?


I ask myself these questions a lot before I allow myself to buy anything. Realistically if we are not spending our money on food or clothing what else is a daily expense? That is why I committed to creating capsules every once in a while, that way I do not feel the need for new clothes. I buy things I can mix and match all the time, and I also don't have too many pieces. But taking a step from fashion for a second, I wanted to focus on a few items that I have found super helpful during my minimal journey. I think one of the best things about this transition is seeing where my money is going, it gives you a sense of control and really allows you to decide what it is you want.

For example, my goals as a professional consist of building my brand, modeling, and being top tier at work. In doing these things I will need to travel efficiently, I will need to have complete control of where my money is at all times, and most importantly I need to have a solid foundation at home so I can fall back into my nest among all of the chaos. At the moment I do not have a space to make completely my own so I am forced to put my nest dream on halt. However there are smaller things I focused on to get myself ready to kill life head on.

I called these my #minimal life essentials, the things I can scoop up in no time to live my life on the go. Check out my list below!





Planners are my heart. Choose one that is right for you. I am usually a moleskin kind of girl, but recently I made a change... check it out :)



3 - SUITCASE ( I linked my faves 💕)

A Carry on

A Weekender


The essentials category comprises of whatever you need personally on a day to day. For example, if I were audulting correctly I would have replaced my glasses that I lost - these figurative glasses would then be placed in my essentials category. Along with my daily vitamins (Care/Of) , makeup, planner and other trinkets that I may find important. 



Refer to my post where I talk about Capsuling Your Wardrobe

6 - PHONE (obviously) 

My phone gets me through just about everything, everyday. I constantly feel the need to make lists in order to be productive so I have resorted to MINIMALIST lately. It is amazing for small tasks and has an easy layout for simply getting your thoughts out. 


I also started working with a company recently who do so much for my daily and weekly life. NIMNIM is a personal laundering service that does just about everything. They pickup and allow you to set it up in any way that is convenient for you, they even drop it off and send notifications throughout the entire process. I opened up my package and everything was organized and folded immaculately. Not only will I be making NIMNIM part of my routine, but I will be using them to handle my favorite minimal staples. They clean sneakers, they dry clean, and they do pickups and drop offs - what else is there?!

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Try it, keep it simple.