JAZZ Personal Styling Launch!


Tickets sold HERE


I have posted my tickets and they have been live for about two weeks now which is so liberating I cannot even stand it! I have finally put together a platform to launch my own personal styling business and I could not be prouder. I posted them and immediately realized that the ticket summary in itself did not do my event justice. So to provide a bit more clarity for you guys I wanted to write a post that mapped out my entire idea! While also simultaneously editing my little blurb attached to the ticket, LOL.

I have wanted to style independently for some years now but never felt that I 1. had the clients, and 2. had what it took to run a business of my own. But recently I have been coming into the fact that there is no point staying complacent and comfortable when I still have so many dreams and goals I want to accomplish. With that said, I wanted to start by talking about my obsession with sustainable wardrobing.

The word sustainable was taught to me by a friend. My girl Nathalia JMAG has been creating sustainable clothing that I have been modeling for years. She makes sure only to use the best fabrics, ones that can easily wash and be worn for years. She recently has been working with thrifted pieces to create new versions of things I have always worn. She got me thinking about minimalism, which I’m sure if you genuinely follow along you have heard me speak a lot about. Both things got me thinking about my own wardrobe, and what made me happy about shopping and what I buy. I learned that I would rather spend my last on my friends, than to contribute to fashion that won’t last. I am also more into finding unique things that no one else can get. Pieces that aren’t made anymore. More specifically, pieces that were made to last.

I wrote post HERE with some statistics surrounding fast fashion and how important it is that we venture into more sustainable options.

My concept of fashion has morphed in so many ways this past year. And I really finally have a handle on my own personal minimal sustainable wardrobe. So as a way to show you guys my stuff and to provide some sort of positive push for sustainable fashion I have created this event. At which I will be styling pieces that I have curated from a handful of local thrift stores to outfit any and everyone looking to enhance their minimal wardrobe. The pieces I find can be worn seasonally, and for just about any occasion. The best part is I will be selling these pieces for $2 or less. My goal is to pull a sustainable wardrobe under $20 for every personal styling ticket sold. With this you should leave with no less than 10 pieces that we pull together. Thrift styling is something I love and I want to do what I can to introduce the gem to others. Along with my stylings I will have local designers and thrift venders present to show you some of their best stuff! Their items will be available for purchase as well.

Designers will be announced a bit later this month!

Then to top it all off, I wanted to highlight one of the most amazing contributors to my image and art, @AllySchmaling!!! She has been shooting me for months now, and conceptually blows me away every single time. She will be in attendance doing photoshoots all day! Alongside live music, some snacks, and happy beverages! Pop in and have some photos taken, mingle with some local Boston vendors and be styled in pieces you can wear for life!

Be there or be a literal square. That is all.



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