My Time In Bermy // 2016

I always like to take a book with me when I travel. Most times I carry it along with me and never actually crack it open. But this time around I had a bunch of down time. Enough to spend entire days sitting in the sun flipping through pages the entire time. When I wasn’t at the bar drinking my grandma under the table, I was reading my book. Faithfully. I managed to finish Eat, Pray, Love in all of 4 days. Enlightened is probably a word that I would use to describe my reading experience. I was hands down ready to commit to a lifetime of travel and commitment to inner peace. I to wanted to travel to India to live in an ashram for a few months. I also thought it would be amazing to have my own medicine man to teach me the inner workings of happiness. Needless to say I could not put this book down. That is until we got to our destination.

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We arrived in Bermuda a full two days after setting sail. As we docked I saw the unique architecture and pastel colored water surrounding the boat. Initially it was breathtaking. Simply seeing the colorful houses and palm trees in the distance made me smile. Such a pretty island.

 As soon as I touched land I immediately saw a million places I wanted to pose in front of for Instagram pics (Yes this is how my mind works). Pink walls, orange walls, grey brick walls, I was in blogger heaven. Day one was spent in the dockyard wandering through shops. I made my typical tourist purchases of T shirts and flags and headed to The Frog & Onion (which ended up being my favorite things ever). Here we got our first round of frozen drinks and even got to keep the cup after as a souvenir. I frigging love souvenirs.

 Day two started with the bus ride from hell. I may be exaggerating a bit, but I was slightly afraid for my life. Every wind had me holding on for dear life, and a few times I had to cover my eyes fearing we were headed straight into a wall. I commend these Bermudian bus drivers for controlling the chaos and getting us all to our destinations. I practically kissed the ground in Hamilton when we arrived.

Obviously we hit the mall first, in which place I found a store named “Jazzy”, I was lit. I also bought myself a new pair of sandals which I obsessed over for the duration of the day. I literally took off the shoes I was already wearing and popped them in my bag - Rocking my new slay sandals for the rest of the day.

We walked everywhere and saw so many amazing buildings and streets. Again, I was in blogger heaven with the pastel colored buildings that stretched along the narrow streets. Hamilton is just beautiful.

Our last day in Bermy was a hazy one. Simply because we started the day at a beach in the dockyard. It is called Snorkel Beach and it immediately became my favorite beach. First of the the sand was pink and fine at the touch. It wasn’t hot to stand on, and it wasn’t rocky. This is huge for me. I also died a little when I literally walked into the water and swam, immediately used to the almost bath temp ocean water. I also had a drink in hand which made it all that much better. I couldn’t tell you what was in this drink, even after watching the barista make it. It started with a lime green juice that was amazing but what came after was just too much to keep up with. By the time he was finished I could literally smell my drink from its position on the bar, having not picked it up yet. I knew it was legit. He proceeded to tell me that if I finished said drink he may have to roll me off the beach, whatever that meant. For the record I finished my drink, and walked myself off the of the beach thank you very much.

Overall I LOVED Bermy and would love to return some day. I wish I had more time there! 

Xo The Beautiful Bostonian