Nothing Like Home


JUNE 25 | 2019

As I sit here in the airport chugging my Cabernet I decided to write. I realized while catching up with a friend today that I have been insanely neglectful when it comes to keeping you guys informed. I tend to fall into ruts that literally limit my brain from being able to process words, but I am learning ways to get back faster and faster. With that said, today is Tuesday June 25 and I am on my way to Boston for a little visit.

Coming home makes me feel a lot of things. For starters I left Boston and moved to LA accompanied by a love - needless to say I’ve been dolo as I’m sure anyone who pays me any attention is very well aware of. Shit hit the literal fan and I have been recovering and discovering. I am and have been in love with a woman who lifts me up in ways that make me feel like I can do anything in this world. She has been challenging me to better myself, and I’ve personally never felt this dynamic. I am feeling so clear and so motivated.

She also isn’t the only new installment...

I quit my job at Aritzia and will be starting a new job in July! WHEW!

I won’t go into extensive detail to avoid going on a tangent and oversharing but I will say... I am SO relieved. I’ve been working for that company for 3 years and ultimately I learned one of the most important things about a job and general employment. DO NOT settle for a work environment that feeds off of your mental health and overall energy. NOTHING comes before your general happiness and well being, nothing. I was challenged in so many different ways with Aritzia and I am forever grateful for the people I met and the growth that I’ve made while being there. Both are truly invaluable. But I literally was enduring a shit storm with the company before resigning; literally. I am grateful and super excited to have a change of pace and to learn a new brand! I will fill you guys in on where I am working and what I will be doing in the coming weeks. I really want to keep it under wraps for a bit longer just to make sure I am taking in the change.

But at this moment I am heading to Boston, my home, just to touch base. I can’t wait to see familiar faces, to make memories, and to enjoy the beautiful energy that awaits me. I am feeling blessed in this moment.


JULY 5 | 2019

The last 10 days were a whirlwind! I wrote this post while waiting for a flight to Boston and have not had one moment to sit down and write. This was anticipated, but what wasn’t was how amazing and needed this trip really was. When I’d first planned to visit home my plans were all up in the air, there were just too many people to see and too many things that I wanted to do. Everyone wanted me at a reservation, an appointment, this cookout, the day party, the after party, etc. With all of my “plans” I decided to get drunk and make my way to each and every thing. To my complete and utter surprise I passed out and missed literally everything the first couple days LMAO! I put myself on punishment and decided to head to the family gathering in the Vineyard to gather myself and to spend some time with family. As I’m sure you already know, I was under the influence for the entire week, which lead me to missing my flight this morning 🤷🏽‍♀️.

NOW, I am in a car on the way back to the city from the ferry and honestly, I am so relieved to have a bit more time. Even if it is just time to take in the sun on this coast, and spend time with my love. I am personally just grateful to have seen some of the beautiful faces of the people who show me so much love every single day. You guys really make me feel like I can do anything. I knew that, but coming home to all of this love backing me just filled me all the way up. I’ll be back to my west coast home soon and with a new found motivation and confidence. It’s grind time.


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